About Us
Plymouth Technology is different... and different is better.

Our president brings energetic leadership to a team of dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate water professionals. Customers demand a high level of service and product quality and Plymouth Technology delivers. Our cost-effective solutions for wastewater, water treatment and industrial processes generate spectacular results for industrial clients and oil & gas companies around the world.

Various industries use our expertise and highest-quality water treatment products and services including: oil & gas, aerospace, automotive, chemical, food processing, major appliance manufacturing, metal finishing, packaging and plastics.

With more than 20 years in the water treatment industry, Plymouth is driven to promote and establish beneficial partnerships with industrial manufacturers, the giants of oil & gas and alternative energy companies around the globe. Plymouth Technology has proven it is innovative, progressive and reliable. Our expertise, services and products are in high demand. We invite you to explore how much better different can be with Plymouth Technology.

water treatment beakersMission & Core Purpose

Plymouth Technology is committed to advancing fair partnerships for industrial manufacturers, oil & gas clients, and our employees. Our staff delivers cost-effective solutions for wastewater, water treatment, oilfield and industrial processes to generate spectacular results. We respond quickly, provide the best value and services, utilize our extensive network within the industry and help to drive the success of our customers.

We deliver this level of service through our employees, all of whom have the strongest work ethic in the industry. Coupled with their ability to listen to each of our customers and design the best solutions, our employees are what make us one of the most progressive, stable and innovative companies in water treatment. We strive each day to be a technology company that people dream of working for and our customers notice how different our corporate culture is here.

Our strong partnerships are why we will continue to lead the water treatment market for decades to come.



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