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Food Processing

The food processing industry faces numerous challenges within the realm of water and wastewater treatment. Boiler and cooling operations frequently require a chemical treatment program that contains only products that are FDA approved for the food industry. Many times facilities are in rural areas that must rely solely on well water for makeup.

In addition, many facilities must discharge to a surface water rather than a city sewer, making effluent guidelines particularly stringent and difficult to meet. Even where city water and sewer service is plentiful, wastewater surcharges and water use bills require a comprehensive water management plan to minimize costs, maximize production time and protect equipment from corrosion and scale build up.

Plymouth Technology's complete chemical product line for boiler cooling water treatment will effectively maintain your equipment for long life, control the formation of scale, and effectively manage microbiological contamination protecting plant personnel and the manufactured products. In addition, our high-performance proprietary formulations for the treatment of wastewater will effectively treat for all applicable contaminants while minimizing the amount of wastewater sludge generated.

Accompanying our high performance products is a comprehensive onsite service plan. Plymouth Technology customers can expect a qualified formulation chemist to regularly visit their location to optimize chemical treatment, investigate value-added projects, carry out technical training, and implement continuous improvement and "best practices" initiatives for your facility to maximize their value and generate spectacular results.


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