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Flowback And Produced Water Treatment And Recycling Programs

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OUR focus is simple, Better water faster


  1. Understand your recycling goals.
  2. Customize water-management solutions to address the specific needs of our partners.
  3. Increase the throughput of recycling operations to meet the demands of any frac schedule.
  4. Eliminate operational expenses and inefficiencies associated with excess water-hauling.
  5. Minimize the amount of freshwater used, period.

Custom water treatment programs begin with understanding your water-needs, including sourcing, recycling, transfer, transport, and storage. There is no "one size fits all” approach in delivering a water-treatment program. Our philosophy is to address your specific needs, performance goals and growth expectations for your water-management program. We customize every water-treatment program to contribute directly to our partner’s success.

Plymouth’s proprietary chemical treatment products efficiently clean the dirtiest flowback/produced waters at a cost that is competitive with disposal options. To do so, Plymouth first identifies the chemical components of the flowback/produced water by analyzing the fluids in our lab. The sample analysis allows us to customize our treatment to address your requirements for treated water quality for reuse. Plymouth consistently delivers the most effective water-treatment services in the oil and gas industry, leading to an increased number of stages fracked per day and lower production costs.


  • Managed water-recycling operations for over 130 completed wells.
  • Recycled over 6 million barrels of flowback/produced water.
  • Operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with ZERO downtime for our partners.


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