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EPA Issues Rule on Electronic Chemical Reporting
9/18/2015 5:11:01 PM
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a direct final rule to amend TSCA, Section 5, Reporting regulations. This final rule establishes standards and requirements for the use of the EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) to electronically submit PMNs and provides the user community with new methods for accessing the e-PMN software, new procedures for completing the electronic PMN form, changes to the CDX registration process, and changes to the procedures for notifying the EPA of any new manufacturing site of a chemical substance for which an exemption was granted by the EPA. This direct final rule is effective January 19, 2016.

The underlying requirements amended by this rule require manufacturers (including importers) and processors of chemical substances and mixtures to:

  • Notify the EPA at least 90 days before manufacturing a new chemical substance for commercial purposes.
  • Notify the EPA at least 90 days before manufacturing or processing the chemical substance for any use of a chemical substance that the EPA has determined to be a "significant new use."

Specifically, this rule amends the TSCA Section 5 Pre-manufacture and Significant New Use Notification regulations by mandating the use of an updated version of the e-PMN reporting software. This new version of the software will operate as a "cloud" software rather than a downloadable system.

The Agency is taking this action to facilitate electronic reporting under TSCA and to streamline and reduce administrative costs and burdens of TSCA Section 5 notifications for both industry and the EPA. Once the rule is fully implemented, the EPA estimates a net burden savings to industry of 180 hours and a net cost of approximately $4,000 in the first year. In subsequent years, the EPA estimates an annual net burden savings to industry of 489 hours and annual net cost savings of approximately $17,000.

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