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Legionella Update: Bacteria Traced to Illinois Cooling Towers
10/14/2015 12:07:23 PM
If you already not aware, Legionella has been in the news recently. HERE and HERE are our previous posts to get you up to speed. 

According to CNN, three students in Chicago have not been able to attend classes because of Legionnaires' disease. Eastview Middle School, Larkin High School, and Gifford High School, the schools the students attended, have been closed. 

Legionaries' disease was traced back to the cooling towers of the three schools, a number larger than specified by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. 

News of Legionnaires' disease is not new in the area. Recently, seven Illinois’ Veterans Home located in Quincy died because of the disease. In a city with 40,000 people, 39 caught the disease. There are 200 annual cases of disease in Illinois. 

Our Legionella testing lab partner has the following accreditation and certifications;
  • CDC ELITE Legionella Certificate
  • MWAA Certificate (LDBE)
  • NVLAP PLM #200829-0
  • AIHA-LAP, LLC EMLAP #102977
  • AIHA-LAP, LLC Fields of Testing

Additionally, Plymouth Technology offers the following cooling water services:
  • Microbiological Control
  • Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors
  • Deposit Inhibitors
  • Non-Acid Treatments
  • Minimize energy costs and water consumption through improved system efficiency

At Plymouth Technology, the health and safety of our customers and the general public is our top priority. For more information on Legionnaire’s disease, contact Plymouth Technology at 248-537-0081.

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