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Legionella Update: City Requiring All Cooling Towers Tested
8/14/2015 11:47:49 AM
The New York Times has released an article with more developments in the Legionnaires outbreak that was recently traced back to five cooling towers in South Bronx. 113 people have been hospitalized and 12 lost their lives to the disease. City officials have ordered every cooling tower inspected and disinfected in two weeks.

Additional positive tests for Legionella have shown up at other cooling towers in the area, but these are not believed to be responsible for the outbreak. The New York Times quoted an official that was speaking on the condition of anonymity, because the results were preliminary "The preponderance of medical and scientific information available now points to one of the original five sites as the source of this outbreak, with the Opera House Hotel as the most likely source of the outbreak,” said the Official,"This is not final or official until test results are received back from the lab.” 

The other buildings in the group of towers with initial positive tests were Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, Concourse Plaza shopping mall, a Verizon office building and Streamline Plastics Company.

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