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Plymouth Technology, Inc. Executive to Present at SWOWEA Industrial Waste Seminar
6/19/2015 10:48:40 AM

Sales and Marketing Director Timothy O’Mara will present to water quality professionals at the Southwest Section Ohio Water Environment Association (SWOWEA) Industrial Waste Seminar in Mason, Ohio.

Mr. O’Mara’s presentation, titled "Novel Application of Polyethyleneimine Dithiocarbamate to Remove Heavily Complexed Zinc from Electrocoat Wastewater” describes how zinc can efficiently be removed during the wastewater treatment process. This extraction method minimizes the environmental impact and ensures that industrial activity meets or exceeds compliance with governmental regulations.

SWOWEA is a non-profit, wastewater related organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of water resources. For additional information for the SWOWEA event and schedule visit

"Plymouth Technology is driven to provide cost-effective solutions to efficiently maintain industrial facilities and protect surrounding natural resources," said Plymouth Technology Timothy O’Mara. "The water quality professionals attending SWOWEA will find the presentation to consist of effective, actionable and environmentally sound principles that can be applied to their wastewater treatment protocol."

"We are eager to share our results with the professionals attending this SWOWEA seminar,” stated Plymouth Technology President Amanda Richie. "Protecting natural resources while supporting the industrial activity so critical to our country’s economic well-being is a noble pursuit and one to which we are proud to contribute.”

You can see the full press release HERE.

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