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Plymouth Technology Net Promoter Score Introduced
6/20/2015 11:06:58 AM

Plymouth Technology in September 2014 launched their first Customer Satisfaction Program utilizing the Net Promoter System. They had one simple question; "Would you recommend Plymouth Technology to a friend of colleague?” The responses were used to measure the quality of service provided and the loyalty of their customers.

The team at Plymouth Technology pride themselves on providing the best quality and service to each one of their valued customers. During the survey, responders citied great customer service, sales support and solutions as reasons they would recommend Plymouth Technology. The results were astounding. "We are very excited to share that Plymouth has earned an 80% Net Promoter Score” says Nina Lucaj, Customer Service Director at Plymouth Technology, "Our customer service team and the entire organization really go the extra mile for all of our customers, it is a great feeling knowing that effort is noticed.”

"Companies with the most efficient growth engines operate with an NPS of 50 to 80.” States the writers at, "The average firm sputters along at an NPS of only 5 to 10 — in other words, their Promoters barely outnumber their Detractors. Many firms — and some entire industries — have negative Net Promoter Scores, which means that they are creating more Detractors than Promoters day in and day out.” Notable corporations that use NPS are Apple, who in 2014 scored a 72, Amazon, which came in at 64, and Netflix who put up a 54.

About NPS: 
Net Promoter® is both a loyalty metric and a discipline for using customer feedback to fuel profitable growth in your business. Developed by Satmetrix, Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld, the concept was first popularized through Reichheld's book The Ultimate Question, Net Promoter has been embraced by leading companies worldwide as the standard for measuring and improving customer loyalty.

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