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Wastewater Treatment Plymouth Technology's environmental acumen and experience in wastewater treatment stand at the competitive forefront in providing discharge compliance with minimal cost. Our leadership offering guaranteed economical compliance solutions is unmatched in the industry today.
Produced & Flowback TreatmentPlymouth works with its oilfield service partners to provide comprehensive chemical products, services, and support related to frac water reuse, downhole applications, drill mud and sludge solidification, and frac chemical programs.
Cooling Water TreatmentPlymouth Technology offers an array of advanced treatment programs for controlling corrosion, scale, deposits, and microbiological fouling in closed, open evaporative, once through and closed loop cooling systems. Advanced treatment makes the definitive difference with reduced corrosion rates, Increased Water Conservation, prolonged equipment life, and Reduced Energy Costs.
Boiler Water TreatmentScale and corrosion can significantly reduce efficiency and ultimately destroy a steam system. Additionally, improper water treatment costs thousands of dollars in wasted fuel and even more when production is halted due to equipment downtime.
Reverse Osmosis Treatment Proper RO treatment can dramatically improve throughput and lengthen element life. Customers have seen process improvements of >60% and operational cost reductions of >40% upon switching to one of our routine treatment and cleaning cycle process.
Paint DetackificationOur products manage overspray, foam, suspended solids, and maintain the cleanliness of both booth surfaces as well as downstream waste treatment equipment. 
Biological Control Biocides are used throughout industrial and oil & gas opereations. Reducing the risk of the bacteria Legionella pneumophila, the bacteria associated with potentially fatal Legionnaires Disease, is a key component of a comprehensive biological control program for cooling towers.
Antifoam/Defoamers Uncontrolled foam in wastewater or process systems can result in product loss, safety problems, or environmental release. Plymouth Technology products will act to suppress foam in out of control situations (defoamer) or prevent foam from being created (antifoam). 
Water Reuse Plymouth Technology can help your plant learn to capitalize on reusing wastewater effluent in a variety of applications. Some of our technologies will produce water that is of a higher quality than most municipal grade water. Our experience in reuse will help to prevent reuse pitfalls such as bacterial blooms and production interruptions.


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