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Cooling Water Treatment

Continuous plant productivity often relies on critical cooling water systems. These systems require proper chemical treatment and preventive maintenance. When left uncontrolled, corrosion and deposition can lead to unscheduled maintenance, production down time and equipment failure. Moreover, businesses risk exposing their employees and community to serious health risks without effective treatment to control microbiological growth.

Plymouth Technology offers an array of advanced treatment programs for controlling corrosion, scale, deposits, and microbiological fouling in closed, open evaporative, once through and closed loop cooling systems. Advanced treatment makes the definitive difference with reduced corrosion rates, Increased Water Conservation, prolonged equipment life, and Reduced Energy Costs. Plymouth Technology's high performance chemical product lines address your facility's unique needs and set a new standard of excellence when combined with comprehensive onsite service plans. Plymouth Technology's Essence of Value program ensures that a qualified formulation chemist is onsite regularly to generate spectacular results.


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