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Metals Removal Systems™

Industries are under increasing pressure from water quality regulators to clean up dissolved metals, nitrate and other inorganic contaminants. Waste streams and water bodies, even with trace amounts of certain inorganic compounds, are attracting more and more attention of the public and of government agencies.

Conventional precipitation, ion exchange and filtration methods for metals removal often have difficulty in consistently treating certain compounds to the low levels being enforced by state and federal regulators. That is why environmental and water resource managers are looking for better, more cost-effective alternatives to conventional water treatment for metals and other inorganics.

The Plymouth Technology MRS™ system is built around an advanced adsorptive wastewater treatment process that uses naturally occurring non-toxic, granular substrates in specially developed mixtures, which reduce and adsorb target compounds from solution, or convert target compounds into their adsorptive chemical components.

Unlike other methods which pay passive, little or no attention to the types of media combinations employed, the MRS™ system relies on specific and proprietary granular media mixtures to perform specific treatment activity. Not all media, even of the same species, will perform the same in all types of water chemistries. More than a decade of research was spent in isolating the most effective media to use in a range of MRS™ system configurations that address differing treatment goals in differing types of water.


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