Working for Plymouth

Whatís it like working for Plymouth Technology?

Each day is new, exciting and full-speed ahead and youíll be surrounded by the brightest minds in the industry. We are proud to be a group of overachievers that donít take themselves too seriously, led by a young and energetic female president, and working to provide a level of service and products our industry partners deserve.

When you work at Plymouth Technology, you work with people who have a passion for learning and a desire to innovate. Their obsession with finding better ways to do things creates an exhilarating work environment. Quite simply, at Plymouth Technology, we are obsessed with finding a better way. If it's good, we want to make it great. We don't settle for less. In fact, we don't settle at all.

We offer compensation and benefit packages that exceed those offered by the majority of our industry, all while providing a work environment that is fun, challenging and considerate of family and lifestyle needs.

If you're ready for a career with a dynamic organization in an environment that fosters professional development and career advancement, you're ready for Plymouth Technology. We invite you to apply online & submit your resume or fax your documents to us at (248) 537-0088. 



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